Fully qualified yoga teacher, qualifying with Inner Healing School of Yoga

About Me..

Hello and welcome to Tree of Life Yoga. I am a fully qualified yoga teacher, qualifying with Inner Healing School of Yoga, recognised by the Independent Yoga Network and have been teaching for 2 years.

My personal philosophy is that yoga is a therapy for the whole self. Yoga focuses on the health and wellness of an individual at all levels: physical, psychological, and spiritual. Because yoga is therapeutic, and meets all requirements of therapy; treatment of illness, injury or disability, and mental / social disorders and diseases, yoga can be immensely healing.

The path of yoga is a journey that brings balance to the body and mind through an experiential understanding of the primary intention of yoga: awakening of spirit, our essential nature. Medical research shows that Yoga therapy is among the most effective complementary therapies for several common ailments. Yoga therapy promotes all round positive health, as well as assisting particular medical conditions. The therapy is particularly appropriate for many chronic conditions that persist despite conventional medical treatment.

I have been practicing yoga since for around 15 years. Back in my late teens, I was a world class swimmer, competing at Olympic and Commonwealth Games trials. Yoga came to me in a physical form, but gave me so much more; focus, confidence, calmness of mind and clarity of thought. Now I enjoy the physical benefits, but feel more connection to my spiritual self through my practice.

I am available for corporate classes on site, one to one classes in private client's homes, and I also have my regular class, Wednesdays Isham Village Hall 10:15-11:30am

Have a great day and hope to hear from you soon about starting your Yoga journey.

Let's Start your Yoga Journey

Wednesdays @ Isham Village Hall
All levels yoga classes with Karen

The classes are a unique opportunity to start, grow and develop your yoga practice within an aspiring and energetic group environment. All levels are catered for.

1-1 or 1-2 Classes
Something more personal

Whilst classes could be inspiring, they may not be for everyone. I tailor 1-1 or 1-2 private classes for students who are more comfortable in their own environment.

Corporate Packages
Yoga Classes for Organisations

Progressive organisations have long reliased the many benefits of introducing and maintaining a yoga practice into their staff wellness programmes.